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Our Porch Light Properties Team loves working together and helping you with the answers you need!


Left to Right: Lauren Lindstrom is a Real Estate Agent and our Property Manager. She enjoys making us all laugh and hanging out with her two kiddos.  Brent Gorris oversees Maintenance Operations and is Co-Owner. He helps us be sure we all take time to smell the roses that he plants. Wendy Gorris is Co-Owner and oversees Operations and Development. She makes sure we make our morning cup of tea. Shivani Kumar is working remotely while pursuing her BA in Business.  (Not yet pictured in the group photo): After graduating from Cal Poly, we eagerly welcomed Tanner back as the Director of Operations and always keeps us up to date on new things in the tech world.

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Company Values

  • Integrity is our compass in all that we do!

  • Respect for others guides our policies and actions.  (as we treat everyone in a manner we would wish to be treated.)

  • We are continually growing in our profession, staying current on Federal, State, and Local Laws and maintaining a willingness to learn and embrace new strategies that will improve our services. 

  • We provide excellent service to our clients by exercising good judgment, discretion, and responsibility in how we handle the business they have entrusted to us.


  • We pride ourselves on encouraging our team members to enjoy a healthy balance between their personal and professional goals.

The Porch Light Team

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Lauren Lindstrom 
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Brent Gorris 

About Us

Meet Our team

Our Story

Brent and Wendy Gorris started investing in Rental Property in Sebastopol in 2000. Our sons Neal and Tanner have both grown up in the business and worked hard to help make it what it has become: a family owned business that cares for your investment with the same attention to detail that we treat our own.

As the years progressed we invested again in Sonoma County and eventually out of state. Brent has renovated each property we've purchased. In 2006 in addition to managing our own properties, Wendy started helping a friend manage her portfolio. Others started asking for help, so Wendy obtained her Real Estate Salesperson & Broker licenses in 2009. Porch Light was launched in 2010. 

We enjoy living in Sebastopol, CA and being a part of our community. Brent teaches Industrial Arts at a local school and manages Maintenance Operations at Porch Light. Our dogs are a constant source of joy and most days they come to work at Porch Light for the payment of treats. Sometimes even the cat shows up!

As a company we invest in people, handling our clients’ business to the best of our ability and encouraging our employees to grow professionally while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.